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Horse Feed - Grain, Oats, Flax, & moreWe are a preferred dealer for the full range of Purina livestock and pet food lines, focusing on horse feed, and also offer a wide variety of products from other popular suppliers including Master Feeds, K.E.R., Buckeye and Custom Feed.

Horse Feed Products include:


The following are our most popular Purina horse feeds:

Mare & Foal

Evolution Maternity: Multi-particle - provides nutritional requirements for both the lactating mare and growing foal.

Omolene 300: Sweet feed - provides the nutritional requirements for both lactating mares and growing foals.


Evolution Juvenile: a multi-particle feed designed for weanlings, yearlings and late developing two year olds.

Light Activity

Roughage Chunks: a fortified feed meeting the requirements of the inactive to mildly active horses. No starch.

Integri-T: Pellets - meets nutritional requirements for breeding or performance and for horses that tie up or get 'hot' off grain. No starch.

Hi Fat Hi Fibre: Chunks - good for breeding or performance and for horses that need low starch feed.

Evolution Senior: Multi-particle - formulated for horses 15 years & up.

Oatena 12: Sweet feed - an economical feed combining the goodness of oats, balanced for lightly active horses.

Equine Athlete

Oatena J: Sweet feed - combines the goodness of oats with nutrients required for performance & breeding.

Evolution Elite: Multi-particle - formulated with calories from fibre, fat & starch to ensure excellent athletic performance.

TriMAX: Multi-particle - with a safe & concentrated amount of calories with levels of nutrients for performance.

Competitive Edge: Extruded - for performance horses, with an increased level of calories to perform & maintain weight.


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Bedding Products

Horse Bedding, & ShavingsWe also want your horses to be comfortable so offer a number bedding products for their stalls.

Bedding Products include:

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